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Seven Forests


ITM developed the Seven Forests brand of herb formulas in 1986 for use in its clinical facilities and also for prescription by practitioners who follow similar treatment protocols. Depending upon the specific formulation and the nature of the individual herb ingredients, the Seven Forests herb tablets are prepared from powdered herbs or dried hot-water extracts, or a combination of the two. The herb materials, obtained from China, are compressed into tablets of 700, 750, or 800 mg each (this is mg of herbs; there are also small amounts of gum resin, cellulose, and stearate used to make the tablets).

Seven Forests herbal medicines are made by the Institute for Traditional Medicine in the USA and generally designed for practitioner use.

Note: Self-prescription isn’t recommended. If there are no practitioners of TCM near you, follow this link to purchase an online consultation from DrShen.com.


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