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Astragalus Root, HUANG QI

HUANG QI, Astragalus root 

(Milk Vetch root) - Astragalus Root 
Botanical Name: Astragalus Membricanaceus 
English name: Milk-vetch root 
Mandarin name: HUANG QI 
Japanese name: Ogi 
Taste: Sweet Nature: Warming, Extremely safe
Our Astragalus Root has been tested and contains NO DETECTABLE PESTICIDES.

When to Use HUANG QI, and When Not to Use HUANG QI

The idea of an "immune system" has only recently been accepted by Western medicine. Chinese medicine doctors, on the other hand, have been dealing with the WEI QI (defensive energy) for thousands of years.  HUANG QI (astragalus) has always been a key herb in strengthening the WEI QI.  In the Essentials of the Materia Medica (1694 AD), astragalus was called "the senior of all herbs". It tonifies the Spleen, Stomach, QI and Blood, and Benefits the WEI QI (immune system). Research has shown it to increase endurance and immunity. This herb is recognized for increasing the body's resistance and is now considered one of the world's greatest immune tonics.

Astragalus' TCM Uses and Properties

  • Benefits the QI
  • Lifts the YANG,
  • Strengthens the Spleen/ (digestion),
  • Tonifies the WEI QI (defensive energy) 
Astragalus Safety Cautions and Side Effects
Astragalus root is considered a grade 1 herb, meaning that it is one of the safest herbs. Its only restrictions are, that it be used cautiously in people with known YIN deficiency with heat patterns. It should also not be used during a cold, flu, or similar disease, as astragalus could prolong these conditions.  If you have a cold or similar acute  respiratory condition, stop taking astragalus until the cold has passed.
TCM can be very powerful, but it can also be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment are not recommended.
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