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FEI ER WAN - Fat Baby Formula / SELECT OPTION, Granulated Herbs or Whole Herbs


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Fat Baby Formula 

Choose: FEI ER WAN san Concentrated Granules (dissolves in water);
or FEI ER WAN tang Quality Whole Herbs (requires boiling)


Eliminate Parasites

Malnourishment And Emaciation In Children


FEI ER WAN Safety and Cautions

Contains Gluten

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their health care provider before taking any supplement.

FEI ER WAN is intended for health care professionals or for those knowledgeable of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
TCM is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't usually recommended.
Best to find a nearby practitioner, or start an online-herbal-consultation now.


FEI ER WAN Preparation and Dosage

GRANULES: 1 gram per 25 lbs,of body weight, taken 3 times a day. mix with warm water, on an empty stomach.

Half for infants under one year of age.

DECOCTION with Whole Herbs: as prescribed


FEI ER WAN ingredients

CHAO SHEN QU (Massa Medica Fermentata processed)
HUANG LIAN (Rhizoma Coptidis Recens)
SHI JUN ZI (Fructus Quisqualis Indicae)
CHAO MAI YA (Fructus Hordei Vulgaris Germinatus processed)
ROU DOU KOU (Semen Myristicae Fragrantis)
BING LANG (Semen Arecae Catechu)
MU XIANG (Radix Aucklandiae Lappae)


These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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