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Goji Berry - GOU QI ZI (Lycii)- Choose: ORGANIC whole herb or High potency granules


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 Choose: High potency granules or ORGANIC whole herbs

Goji Berries, GOU QI ZI

Botanical: Lycii Fructus
English: Go Ji Berry
Mandarine: GOU QI ZI
Japanese: Kukoshi
Korean: Kugicha

What do Goji Berries Do? *

It's use was first published in Miscellaneous Records of Famous Physicians by MING YI BIE LU circa 500 AD. Goji berry is classified as a Blood tonic that is also used for patterns of Kidney and Liver YIN Deficiency.  Kidney YIN patterns often present with low back pain, weak legs, and premature ejaculation.  GOU QI ZI, though useful for these conditions, is most often used for deficiency of Liver YIN manifesting with blurred vision, impaired vision, floaters, and dry eyes.

GOU QI ZI is often combined with rehmannia (SHU DI HUAN0 to boost its YIN and Blood strengthening powers.

Go Ji berry is also combined with SHU DI HUANG when used for the eyes.  It is also combined with JU HUA (chrysanthemum flower), MI MENG HUA (buddleiae flower), or JUE MING ZI (fetid cassia seeds) for these conditions.  It is used with both rehmannia and chrysanthemum in the famous formula QI JU DI HUANG WAN, which is used for many kinds of eye problems cause by Liver YIN deficiency.

GOU JI ZI, though usually thought of as a YIN and Blood Tonic, can also strengthen the Kidney YANG. Combining it with TU SU ZI (cuscutta seeds) or DU ZHONG (eucommia cortex) brings out this aspect of the Go Ji Berry.



GO JI Berry Safety and Cautions

Though generally regarded as safe, this tasty sweet and tart fruit should be used with caution in people with weak digestion or for those who have recently become ill with a respiratory infection, as it could prolong or worsen these conditions.  Though it has a neutral nature, it should also be used cautiously by those with Interior Heat patterns.



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