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Isatis Gold by Health Concerns 

Hybrid Herbal Remedy for Support During Inflammation

Isatis Gold is a combination of Western and Chinese herbs designed to reduce swelling and treat inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract. Though not actually an antibiotic, this formula has been used in support of treatments with antibiotics.  Traditional Chinese medicine requires continued use of Isatis Gold for some time after antibiotic course of treatment is finished. 
This supplement is meant for acute conditions and is not meant for longterm of daily use, as the cold nature of the formula could stress the digestive system if used longterm.

Practitioner Notes

  • For Colds Without Fever, Combine With Ginger Tea to Promote Sweating
  • If Patient Has Weak Digestive Systems Reduce Dosage or Take with Ginger or Licorice Root
  • In Severe Cases Use An Initial Dose Of Up to Six Tablets

Safety of Health Concern's Isatis Gold

Do Not Use On Very Weak Patients or For Prolonged Periods.

This supplement combines Chinese herbs with Golden Seal and Echinacea, substances which are not normally used in traditional Chinese medicine.  The resulting combination, therefore, lacks the scrutiny and study normally associated with traditional formulas.  From this perspective, the formula could be regarded as experimental.

These herbs are potent, but using them can be quite complex; Your health outcome may benefit from professional advice. Self diagnosis and treatment aren't recommended for difficult, chronic, or reoccurring conditions. Best to find a practitioner.  If you live in the USA, you can find a nearby TCM practitioner at AcupunctureAmerica.com  Or you may obtain an on-line consultation and herbal prescription at Online-Herbal-Consultation.

Isatis Gold Serving Size

Take 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times a day


  • Company: Health Concerns
  • Portion Size: 3 Tablets
  • Servings per Bottle: 30
  • Tablets per Bottler: 90 Tablets
  • Cost per Serving: $0.86
  • Price per Tablet: $0.29 per Tablet
  • Isatis Gold Ingredients

    DA QING YE Isatis  leaf 
    BAN LAN GEN Isatis  root
    Echinacea purpura Echinacea  root
    JIE GENG Platycodon root
    Goldenseal  Hydrastis canadensis root

    Ligusticum root 


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