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TAO REN / Persicae / CHOOSE: High Potency Granules or Top Quality Whole Herbs


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CHOOSE: High Potency Granules or Top Quality Whole Herbs

TAO REN / Persica semen

Mandarin: TAO REN
English: Peach Kernel
Japanese: Tonin
Korean: Toin
Botanical: Semen Persicae


TCM Functions, Indications, and Combinations for TAO REN

Breaks congealed blood + HONG HUA

Moistens Lung Dryness + BAI BU

Lubricates the Intestines + MAI MEN DONG

Menstrual Pain and Clotting + XIANG FU

Abdominal Pain + CHUAN LIAN ZI

Lung Abcess + DONG GUA REN + YI YI REN

Traumatic Injuries + HONG HUA + MO YAO + RU XIANG

Intestinal Abcess + DA HUANG + MANG XIAO

Chronic Constipation + XING REN + HUO MA REN


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