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Qing Ying Tang - Clear the Nutritive Level Formula


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Qing Ying Tang

Clear the Nutritive Level Formula

TCM Uses for Qing Ying Tang

  • Clears Heat from the Ying
  • Detoxifies Fire Toxin 
  • Nourishes the Yin
  • Vitalizes the Blood

Qing Ying Tang Ingredients

  1. Sheng Di Huang  Chinese foxglove root
  2. Jin Yin Hua   honeysuckle flower
  3. Xuan Shen   Scrophulariae root
  4. Chi Shao  red peony root 
  5. Zhi Zi  gardenia seed
  6. Da Huang  rhubarb root  
  7. Huang Lian   coptis rhizome 
  8. Lian Qiao   forsythia fruit 
  9. Dan Shen  salvia miltiorrhiza 
  10. Dan Zhu Ye   lophatherum leaf
  11. Mai Men Dong   ophiopogon tuber 


Qing Ying Tang Safety

Omit Da Huang during pregnancy.

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