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Sheng Mai San - Generate the Pulse Formula


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Sheng Mai San

Generate the Pulse Formula

History of Sheng Mai San

Source: Clarifying Doubts About Injury from Internal and External Causes. (Li Ao, 1247 AD)

Sheng Mai San's TCM Uses

  • Augments the Qi
  • Generates Fluids
  • Preserves the YIN
  • Stops Sweating

Sheng Mai San Ingredients

Codonopsis root * Dang Shen *
Ophiopogonis tuber Mai Men Dong 
Schizandrae fruit Wu Wei Zi

* For a version of this formula using Ginseng (REN SHEN) instead of, Codonopsis (DANG SHEN), or to customize any formula, call your order Toll-Free to 877-922-4372






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