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Yin-Care Herbal Wash (Original Scent)


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Yin-Care Herbal Wash (Original Scent)

This is China's most widely used topical/intravaginal wash for gynecological as well as general bacterial, fungal and viral skin complaints. The formula is comprised of both the water-extracted and essential oil materials of the herbs listed below and can be quite effective in small concentrations (5-10%). It can be effectively applied as a wash, rub, sitz bath or compress.

Yin-Care Herbal Wash Ingredients

Extracts & Essential Oils of:
Di Fu Zi
Yin Chen Hao
Du Huo
She Chuang Zi
Shi Chang Pu
Ai Ye
Bo He
Jin Yin Hua
Zhi Zi
Huang Bai
Huang Qin
Ku Shen
Cang Zhu
Tu Jing Pi


Distilled Water
Emulsifier derived from coconut oil (disodium laureth sulfosuccinate)
Food grade preservative derived from organic acid (potassium sorbate)
Hypoallergenic fragrance (in original only)

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