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Traditional Chinese Medicine, Assembled in the USA

Assembled in the USA * Top-Quality Whole Herbs * Traditional Chinese Formulas * Gluten Free * Family-run business since 1994 To make their products, Dr. Shen’s begins with whole herbs, not herbal powders, which allows for a thorough visual inspection in order to ensure their quality. This organoleptic inspection, as well as laboratory testing for purity, safeguard a quality product from start to finish. With great attention to detail, fully cGMP compliant partners in the USA do all the milling, mixing, baking, tabulating, and packaging. Each batch is tested for dissolvability, mold, microorganisms, heavy metals, and other impurities. Standardized powders extracted with chemical solvents are not used. Tablets are bound with a proprietary mixture of simple excipients, and then stamped, baked, and coated with a thin vegetable glaze; making them easy to swallow. No sugar coating, dyes, drugs, or chemical solvents are used. Wildcrafted and organic herbs are included whenever possible. Dr. Shen’s will never use an endangered species, plants or animals. As of 2017, our entire line is Gluten Free. Today, Dr. Shen’s are available online and in thousands of natural food and vitamin stores throughout the USA.