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Also known as: BA ZHEN WAN

Dr. Shen’s Women’s Precious

This famous formula for women during childbearing years is also known as BA ZHEN WAN, or Eight Treasures Pill. 

When to Use Dr. Shen’s Women’s Precious: 

  • Supports Normal Menstruation
  • Supports Normal Fertility
  • Builds Blood
  • Tonifies QI


As a general tonic for maintenance, 2-3 tablets, 1-3 times a day, or as prescribed. 


Do not use during the common cold or other acute respiratory condition.  BA ZHEN WAN is generally considered safe for everyone, nevertheless, pregnant women are advised to consult with their healthcare providers before using any supplement. Traditional Chinese Medicine, when used properly, is powerful and reliable, but it can also be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren’t recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious illness. 

Quality Guarantee

At Dr. Shen’s, we use the finest grades of herbs. We import all of our herbs whole, rather than as powders, so we can inspect them for authenticity and quality. We screen for mold, metals, and microorganisms. We test tablets for dissolvability and coat them for easy swallowing. Our excipients are minimal, always natural, and always vegetarian. All ingredients are listed on compliant labels.


Dang Gui also known as Tang Kwei, Dong Guay, Angelica Sinensis Radix, Chinese Angelica Root
Strengthens Blood, Invigorates Blood, Harmonizes Blood, Regulates Menses

White Peony Root also known as Bai Shao, Peonia Lactiflora Nourishes the Blood, Pacifies the Liver, Retains the Yin

Chinese Foxglove Root also known as Shu Di Huang , Rehmannia Glutinosa Radix
Tonifies the Blood, Tonifies the Heart, Liver & Kidneys

Szechuan Lovage Root also known as Chuan Xiong, Liguistici Wallichi
Invigorates the Blood, Promotes the Circulation of Qi(energy), Expels Wind   

Poor Man’s Ginseng also known as Dang Shen, Codonopsis Radix
Benefits the Qi(energy), Nourishes Fluids, Strengthens the Lungs and Digestive Organs

Bai Zhu also known as Atractylodes Macrocephala rhizome
Benefits the Qi(energy), Tonifies the Spleen, Dries Dampness

Fu Ling also known as China-root, Poria Cocos, Sclerotium of Tuckahoe, Hoelen Fungus
Leeches out Dampness, Strengthens Digestion, Harmonizes the Middle Burner, Calms the Spirit, Improves the performance of other tonifying herbs.

Chinese Licorice root baked with honey also known as Zhi Gan Cao, Glycyrrhiza Uranelsis radix
Tonifies the Spleen, Benefits the Qi, Detoxifies Fire Poisons, Moderates and Harmonizes other herbs, Improves the performance of other tonifying herbs.