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Dr. Shen’s Sinus & Nose

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Also known as: PE MIN KAN WAN

Historically used for nasal and sinus complaints such as a stuffy or a runny nose, sinus congestion or pain. 

When to Use Dr. Shen’s Sinus:

  • Dry Nasal Dampness
  • Support Normal Sinus And Nasal Health 
  • Xanthium-based Formula
  • Won’t Cause Drowsiness


3 tablets, every three or four hours; or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.   



Do not use during pregnancy. Traditional Chinese Medicine is potent, but it can also be complex. For long-term chronic or serious conditions, self-diagnosis and treatment are not recommended. 


Quality Guarantee

At Dr. Shen’s, we use the finest grades of herbs. We import all of our herbs whole, rather than as powders, so we can inspect them for authenticity and quality. We screen for mold, metals, and microorganisms. We test tablets for dissolvability and coat them for easy swallowing. Our excipients are minimal, always natural, and always vegetarian. All ingredients are listed on compliant labels.



Angelica Root (Angelica Dahurica) Bai Zhi 
Expels Wind, Releases Surface, Alleviates Pain, Reduces Swelling, Expels Dampness, Alleviates Discharge  

Magnolia Bud (Magnolia Flos) Xin Ye Hua 
Expels Wind, Relieves Surface, Opens Nasal Passages

Patchouli Plant (Agastach Pogostemi) Huo Xiang 
Transforms Dampness, Releases the Exterior, Harmonizes the Center, Expels Dampness  

Kudzu Root (Pueraria Radix) Ge Gen 
Clears Heat, Releases Muscles of Upper Body, Nourishes Fluids  

Chrysanthemum Flower (Chrysanthemomi Flos) Ju Hua
Disperses Wind, Clears Heat from the Eyes, Pacifies the Liver  

Szechuan Lovage Root (Liguisticum Wallichi) Chuan Xiong
Invigorates the Blood, Circulates Qi, Alleviates Pain  

Liquidambar Fruit (Liquidambar Fructus) Lu Lu Tong
Promotes the Flow of Qi and Blood, Unblocks the Channels, Opens the Middle Burner  

Cocklebur Fruit (Xanthium Fructus) Cang Er Zi 
Opens the Nasal Passages, Disperses Wind, Expels Dampness, Relieves Itching