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Dr. Shen’s Zong Gan Ling

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Also known as: Zhong Gan Ling

When to Use Zong Gan Ling
Use for relief of advanced-staged cold symptoms or similar respiratory condition. 
  • Clears heat
  • Dries damp
  • Frees the muscle channels in the upper back, neck, and head
  • Detoxifies

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Uses and Properties
    • Wind Cold
    • Wind-Heat Evils


      3 tablets, every three or four hours; or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.  


      Zong Gan Ling is used for acute conditions and is not for daily long-term immune building.  For an herbal formula designed for long-term immune enhancement, try Dr. Shen’s Jade Shield pills.

      Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren’t recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious illness.

      Quality Guarantee

      At Dr. Shen’s we use the finest grades of herbs. We import all of our herbs whole, rather than as powders, so we can inspect them for authenticity and quality. We screen for mold, metals, and micro-organisms. We test tablets for dissolvability and coat them for easy swallowing. Our excipients are minimal, always natural, and always vegetarian. All ingredients are listed on compliant labels.


      Kudzu Root (Ge Gen) Puerariae Radix
      Clears Heat, Releases Muscles, Nourishes Fluids

      Hairy Holly Root (Mao Tung Ching) Ilicis Pubescentis Radix
      Clears toxic Heat, Invigorates Blood

      Vervain Plant (Ma Pien Tsao) Verbenae Herba
      Clears Heat, Disperses Blood

      Woad Root (Ban Len Gen) Radix Isatidis
      Quells Heat, Detoxifies Fire Poison, Benefits Throat

      Wormwood Plant (Qiang Hao) Artemisae Herba
      Clears Heat, Cools Blood, Clears Deficiency Fever, Clears Summer Heat

      Gypsum (Shi Gao) Gypsum Fibrosum
      Quells Fire, Clears Heat, Clears Stomach Fire Rising to the Head