Dr. Shen’s Two Immortals For Menopause

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Also known as: ER XIAN WAN

An Herbal Supplement for Menopause

This is a modern 20th century formula. It was first used for menopausal high blood pressure, but it was found to be supportive of menopause in general. While most menopause formulas are predominantly YIN tonics, this one achieves its effects by tonifying Kidney YANG as well as YIN.

When to Use Dr. Shen’s Two Immortals:

Day or night sweats, night heat, low libido, women between 45 and 60 years old

Traditional Chinese Medicine Effects of Dr. Shen’s Two Immortals: 

  • Warms and Tonifies Kidney Yang
  • Tonifies Yin
  • Nourishes Jing-essence
  • Nourishes Liver Blood
  • Drains Kidney Fire
  • Regulates the Chong and Ren Channels


3 tablets, every three or four hours; or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.  


Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren’t recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious illness.

Quality Guarantee

At Dr. Shen’s, we use the finest grades of herbs. We import all of our herbs whole, rather than as powders, so we can inspect them for authenticity and quality. We screen for mold, metals, and microorganisms. We test tablets for dissolvability and coat them for easy swallowing. Our excipients are minimal, always natural. All ingredients are listed on compliant labels.

This product might not be considered 100% vegetarian since it includes Oyster shell (mu li).


Horny Goat Wort (Epimidium, horney goat weed) Yin Yang Huo
Stimulates hormone production, tonifies the yin, fortifies the yang, and expels dampness

Morinda Root (Radix Morinda officinalis) Ba Ji Tian
Tonifies kidneys, fortifies the yang, and strengthens the sinews and bones

Golden Eye Grass (Rhizoma Curculiginis Orchioidis) Xian Mao
Tonifies the kidneys, and expels dampness

Amur Cork Bark (Cortex Phellodendri) Huang Bai
Drains damp heat, cools kidney fire, and detoxifies fire poisons

Anemarrhena (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae Aspheloidis) Zhi Mu
Quells fire, nurtures yin, moistens dryness, and clears deficiency heat

Tang gui root (Angelica sinensis root) Dang Gui
Tonifies the blood, and invigorates and harmonizes the blood

Oyster Shell (concha ostrea) Mu Li
Anchors the spirit, benefits the yin, restrains sweating

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